Conservative – n.

  1. An individual that avoids wasteful uses of taxpayer funds and promotes individual financial responsibility for personal needs.
  2. An individual that understands the free market, not government, should determine winners and losers.

I believe that Idaho thrives when conservative principles are applied to our government and economy.

My opponent claims to be conservative, but her votes speak otherwise. Over the past 20 years, she has voted for the State Health Exchange, Medicaid Expansion, the implementation and funding of Common Core, raised our taxes and increased spending over 300% since she first entered office.  With these kinds of votes, and many more, she has supported the very waste she claims to seek out and eliminate.

I’m running for the Idaho Senate because I want a better future for our children and grandchildren. With my education and business experience, I will bring fresh ideas to the State Legislature. I will support real conservative solutions that push back against federal overreach and increased spending, and work to reduce taxes and regulations upon individuals and businesses.

How to Request an Absentee Ballot

To vote in the Idaho Primary Election that will be held on May 19th, you will HAVE to vote by Absentee Ballot.

Due to the COVID-19 virus, in-person voting will not be allowed.  The only voting that will take place will be with an absentee ballot.

To request your ballot, go to the Secretary of State’s website here: 

Once there, follow the instructions to either request the ballot online or print off the request (found here), fill it out, and send it to your county clerk.

A video walking you through the process will be uploaded shortly on this page.  If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at, contact me through the website, or send me a message on Facebook.

If you live in District 11, please remember to vote for Zach Brooks for the Idaho State Senate!


February 26, 2020

Zach Brooks – Candidate for the Idaho State Senate

Local businessman, Zach Brooks, is running for the Idaho State Senate in District 11. Brooks, who grew up west of…

February 26, 2020

Urban Renewal – Property Taxation Without Representation

Edit:  I wrote this white paper in 2017 and will continue to update as necessary. Urban renewal is relatively unknown…

May 6, 2016

Idaho Press Tribune Profile: District 11 Senate candidate Zach Brooks

Name: Zach Brooks Age: No response Family: Married, 4 children Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis…

Meet Zach

I was born and raised in the Treasure Valley, graduated from Kuna High School and earned my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Lewis-Clark State College.

In 2006, I married my beautiful wife and we have 6 children that we homeschool together. We attend Mountain View Church of the Nazarene regularly as a family and enjoy being involved in various groups and activities within the church.  I can regularly be found on either a baseball field or basketball court, coaching my children and their respective teams.

For employment, we operated a Papa Murphy’s franchise in Boise for 8+ years before moving on to investing in real estate. While I was with Papa Murphy’s, I was awarded the Seven Seals Award from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), an office within the Department of Defense.

I am a board member of 2 non-profits:  Love In the Name of Christ of Treasure Valley and the Center for Self Governance.  I am also a Founding Member and former Chairman of the board of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, a lifetime member of both the Second Amendment Foundation and Gun Owners of America and I train at the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Nevada.


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Property taxes are increasing at unsustainable rates, often forcing residents to sell their home because they can no longer afford the tax, and urban renewal is much to blame. Urban renewal is the modern day version of taxation without representation and it drives our property tax bill ever higher in Canyon County. I will work to repeal urban rewewal from the State code, which will give much needed relief to the citizens of our State.

For a more in depth look at urban renewal, please read the white paper on I wrote on it a few years ago here: Urban Renewal Property Taxation Without Represenation

Parents are ultimately responsible for the education of their children and should be allowed to choose the form of education they feel best suits their family. Whether that means public, private, or homeschool, parents should be in control of what their children are learning. Idaho has implemented Common Core in the public school system, which has diminished local control over curriculum and standards, producing an overall lower quality education. I will continue to work towards a solution that removes Common Core from Idaho and puts the decision making authority back in the hands of parents, local school boards and educators.

For more on education in Idaho, please visit: Idahoans for Local Education

Idaho needs fiscally conservative leadership. Roughly one third of our state budget relies on federal funds. With the national debt at $22 trillion and counting, depending upon an indebted federal government is not the road to a secure and prosperous future for our state. Our budget is bloated with unnecessary spending. Our tax rates are higher than those of our surrounding states, making us less competitive. I will work to restore government to its rightful purpose by resisting increases in spending and promote the principle that Idahoans should keep the money they earn and spend it how they see fit.

Whether you're a native or a new resident to the Treasure Valley, you know our roads are crowded and need attention. The Legislature has been playing catch up for the past 20 years, much in part to playing political football with the transportation issue and all of the red tape associated with creating, expanding, and fixing our roads. I support decreasing budgets, such as the Health and Welfare budget, and using those saving to fund improvements to our infrastructure. By reducing red tape, waste will be drastically reduced and our tax dollars will go further.

I support, defend, and promote the 2nd Amendment through active membership in pro 2nd Amendment groups, receive firearms training in my free time and encourage others to do so, as well. I do not support the idea that a law-abiding citizen should have to ask for permission to exercise a God given right to defend themselves, their family, or their property.

Every citizen that plans on exercising their right to carry a firearm should receive as much training as they feel necessary on their own time and dime, not because it is required by law. I go to Front Sight Firearms Training in Pahrump, Nevada or train locally with highly trained friends of mine.

I am a lifetime member of Gun Owners of America, the Second Amendment Foundation, and the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, of which I was the Chairman of the Board for a year before resigning to run for the Senate.

62 percent of Idaho is controlled and poorly managed by the federal government. Without proper management and control of our lands, we cannot enjoy the economic benefits and security that should be afforded us. Over the past several summers, we have seen the need for common sense management of our forests and grasslands. The Soda Fire in 2015 alone burned thousands of acres that ranchers were not allowed access to graze with their cattle. I support the efforts being made to return control of Idaho back to Idahoans.

Public land: Land that is unoccupied and open to entry and settlement. (It's not what you think it is or have been told!)

I am the only candidate in the race that knows the real definition of 'public land' and that the way the term is most often used is used in error. I'm certain that I am the only candidate that has actually read FLPMA, the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976, and spent considerable time researching the land issue.

If you are interested in researching the issue further, I suggest watching this presentation by Dr. Angus McIntosh. Western Land Disposal Law part 1

Entrepreneurial freedom is the key to economic sustainability. New businesses in Idaho must go to at least seven different governmental agencies to get started, while an individual only has to visit a single agency to apply for public assistance. Idaho needs to streamline the process for entrepreneurs to start a business and get rid of unnecessary regulations that burden businesses. By doing so, Idaho will be much more competitive in attracting businesses that offer higher wages and encourage individuals to pursue their own dreams.

A proper role of government is to protect life and our lives begin at conception. I am the father of 6 children and will continue to fight for the right to life for every child, both born and unborn.

The institution of marriage as one man and one woman was created by God before any other institution, including government. We have no authority to redefine it any other way.

The Governor and Legislature must protect Idahoans by exercising their authority to prevent unevaluated refugees from being placed in Idaho. Idahoans are friendly and charitable, but the safety of the people must come first.

Volunteer / Contact Me

If you would like to volunteer to assist in my campaign or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please send an email to or fill out the form below. I look forward to hearing from you.