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Candidate Comparison

*All bills are linked to the Idaho Legislature website
Issue Zach Brooks Patti Anne Lodge Scott Brock
Property Taxes I supported House Bill 409 and have worked for years to lower property taxes.
See: Urban Renewal below.
She helped kill House Bill 409 by supporting an amendment to it that had no chance of passage. She has not promoted policy at any level to help taxpayers. “They’re too high and I have a plan.”
State Budget and Spending Spending should be limited and the appropriations process amended to allow for public input. Instead, it encourages increased and wasteful spending. Dependence upon federal tax dollars should be reduced. When the budget shrinks, tax rates can go down, allowing citizens to keep more of their own money. She has voted to raise the State budget by over $4 billion (125%+ increase) in her 20 years in office. Rarely ever votes against an appropriations bill (less than 5 in 10 years). He has not been involved.
Education I support local control of education. Parents and school boards should determine standards, curriculum, and content. I have never supported Common Core and work to get rid of it. I support replacing the current Math and ELA standards with those from James Milgram and Sandry Stotsky. I am firmly against the lastest push for Comprehensive Sex Education and Drag Queen Story Hour in Idaho. She has voted to fund and support Common Core at every chance. She has also voted to reduce accountability for charter school administrators. Has not spoken out against Comprehensive Sex Education (basically porn for elementary kids) or Drag Queen Story Hour (grown men dressed as women reading to children in our public libraries). No one has seen him around. Says he supports trade schools.
Pro Life Life is sacred, begins at conception, and should be protected, both before and after birth. I support Idaho Chooses Life and other organizations working to end abortion. She claims to be pro-life, yet worked with the Idaho Hospital Assocation to kill HB 525. The bill would have helped to defund Planned Parenthood in Idaho. She also refused to give the Heartbeat billl a hearing as long as Rep. Nichols’ name was attached to it. It was never heard. Unaware of his position on the issue.
2nd Amendment I am endorsed by Gun Owners of America, have an ‘A’ rating from the NRA, am a lifetime Member of the Second Amendment Foundation and am the former Chairman of the Board of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance. I’ve helped pass pro-gun bills, such as Constitutional Carry, and stop anti-gun bills. I supported Senate Bill 1384. In 2020, she worked with anti-gun Moms Demand Action and voted to kill SB 1384, despite telling everyone that she would vote in favor of it. The bill would have allowed for increased protection of school staff and students by those with an enhanced concealed weapons permit. Protection for her, but not for you and your children… He has guns. He said he would not have supported SB 1384.
Healthcare The State Healthcare Exchange and Medicaid Expansion should be reversed. Free market alternatives, such as allowing for the purchase of insurance across state lines, should be allowed. She voted for the State Healthcare Exchange and Medicaid Expansion. Costs have increased since and now some in the Legislature want to force counties to help pay for Medicaid Expansion. Unavailable.
Taxes Taxes should be low, predictible, and based on consumption, not property (income and real estate). I support eliminating the grocery tax. Has voted to raise the sales and gas taxes. Does not support eliminating the grocery tax. Voted to increase vehicle registration fees. Has offered no tax relief ideas on behalf of her constituents. I’m sure he pays them. He does not care what the tax rates are in neighboring states.
Idaho Lands I believe Idahoans should be in control of the land within our borders. I do not support lock it up and watch it all burn policies. Our natural resources should be utilized and responsibly managed for the benefit of all Idahoans, not just a select few. Does not support Idaho controlling the land within our borders. Thinks we must prove ourselves capable with Lake Lowell first. Listens to environmentalist groups, such as the Idaho Wildlife Federation, that support the reintroduction of wolves and locking up more of Idaho under wilderness designations.
Regulations I support eliminating regulations whenever and however possible when appropriate. Kudos to the House for making the current climate of regulation reductions a reality. Despite claiming to support the reduction of red tape in Idaho, she held HB 100 in committee, killing it. Unavailable.
Urban Renewal I will sponsor legislation to end urban renewal in Idaho. UR is taxation without representation and takes funding away from education, police, fire, etc. and redirects them to special interest, pet projects of mayors and city councilman. My writings on UR can be found here on the website. I’ve never heard her mention UR, but she supports other candidates that are in favor of it. “Maybe we should meet so you can explain it to me.”
Reading Legislation Not only will I read every bill that comes up for a vote, I will give an explanation of that vote on my website, social media, or both. She has openly admitted that she does not read every bill that she votes on. At a forum in 2018, he said in reference to me and Rep. Nichols, “They read into these laws everyday. I don’t. I don’t want to. They just make me angry.”

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